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Culligan of Mansfield, OH

Specializing in water softeners, drinking water & water filtration solutions
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Your local water experts proudly offer

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Water softeners, filters, reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems, bottleless coolers, 5-gallon bottles and more.
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Repairs, regular maintenance, installation and emergency service on all makes and models.
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Salt and water delivered to your home or office, on a schedule that works for you.
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Free results in just 30 minutes, with advanced testing from our EPA-certified lab available.

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Address & hours

350 South Main Street, Mansfield, OH 44902, US
Monday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Friday 7:00 AM – 4:30 PM
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Areas served

Ashland, Ashley, Attica, Bellville, Bladensburg, Bloomville, Brinkhaven, Bucyrus, Butler, Caledonia, Cardington, Centerburg , Chatfield, Chesterville, Crestline, Danville, Edison, Frazeysburg, Fredericktown, Fulton, Galion, Gambier, Glenmont, Greenwich, Hayesville, Howard, Iberia, Jeromesville, Loudonville, Lucas, Mansfield, Marengo, Martinsburg, Mount Gilead, Mount Liberty, Mount Vernon, Nankin, Nevada, New Haven, New London, New Washington, North Fairfield, North Robinson, Nova, Oceola, Ontario, Perrysville, Plymouth, Polk, Savannah, Shauck, Shelby, Shiloh, Sparta, Sullivan, Sulphur Springs, Sycamore, Tiro, Utica, Waldo, Walhonding, Willard
Hard Water High Iron Water Bad Tasting Water

Common water problems in Mansfield

Bad tasting water problems

Before your water enters your home, it can pick up bad tasting contaminants - from private wells, miles of underground utility pipes or even the local municipal water source itself. You may not be able to see these contaminants, but when you taste the water, something is obviously not right.

Common water taste problems include:

  • Pin-hole leaks in your plumbing
  • Blue-green stains on your fixtures, sinks and tubs
  • Blueish stains or residue on laundry
  • Light colored hair tinted blue-green
  • Metallic taste

Hard water problems

Hard water results from high levels of calcium and magnesium in water. Hard water minerals stick to everything water touches, and do more than leave an unsightly residue - they can actually harm your home and cost you money.

Common hard water problems include:

  • Stains and buildup on sinks, shower heads, and dishes
  • Dry skin and hair
  • Costly long-term damage to water appliances

High iron water problems

Iron enters the water supply from a variety of sources - the soil around private wells, corrosion in the pipes themselves and organically occurring reactions with elements in the water.

Common high iron problems include:

  • Rusty, red-brown stains on your fixtures, sinks and tubs
  • Rusty stains or residue on laundry
  • Yellow, brown, red or orange-colored water
  • Metallic tasting water
  • Certain foods prepared in water turning black -potatoes and teas are commonly affected

Culligan of Mansfield history

When you choose Culligan Quality Water of North Central Ohio, you’re choosing an industry leader with top-rated water treatment equipment, advanced technology and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Donald Karger bought the Mansfield dealership in 1984, working as a Culligan water expert for 50 years. When he retired, his son and daughter-in-law Cameron and Traci Karger purchased the dealership. With roots here in North Central Ohio, our team of local water experts is committed to providing the best service available.
In 2020, Culligan recognized Culligan Quality Water of North Central Ohio with the 'Top Dealer Award' for being one of the top 25 dealers in medium markets in all of North America. This award speaks to the care and commitment we have for our local community. For nearly 40 years, Culligan Quality Water of North Central Ohio's team of local water experts has been committed to providing the best service available.
Culligan of Mansfield

Winner of the 2022 Small Business of the Year Award

Kudos to Culligan of Mansfield, winners of the 2022 Small Business of the Year Award in the 15+ employee category.
Known as the Local Water Experts since 1939, Culligan was not only recognized for its high-quality products and services, but also for its community involvement. President Cameron Karger said, “How can you be known in your community as a company if your company is not involved in the community?” The company supports various community organizations through monetary and bottled water donations. Karger credits his team of 20 full and part-time employees for their dedication and service for this win.

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Frequently asked questions

For more than 85 years, Culligan of Mansfield has been your trusted local water expert. We specialize in water softeners, whole home water filters, RO drinking water systems, bottleless coolers and bottled water coolers for your home or business. Culligan of Mansfield's industry-leading products feature advanced technology and are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Get better water from every tap.

Culligan of Mansfield provides high-quality water treatment solutions, bottled water and salt delivery, and professional, efficient service to the following cities: Waldo, Edison, Frazeysburg, Caledonia, Nevada, New London, Glenmont, Walhonding, Sycamore, Utica, Bloomville, North Fairfield, Ashley, Centerburg, Willard, Loudonville, Mount Gilead, Cardington, Sullivan, Galion, New Washington, Marengo, Jeromesville, Danville, Nova, Bladensburg, Fredericktown, Howard, Gambier, Martinsburg, Mount Vernon, Chesterville, Fulton, Iberia, Shauck, Sparta, Ashland, Bellville, Bucyrus, Butler, Chatfield, Crestline, Greenwich, Hayesville, Lucas, Nankin, New Haven, North Robinson, Oceola, Ontario, Perrysville, Plymouth, Polk, Savannah, Shelby, Shiloh, Sulphur Springs, Tiro, Mansfield, Brinkhaven, Attica and Mount Liberty. Make Culligan of Mansfield your trusted source for cleaner, safer water.

Culligan of Mansfield provides customized water solutions for your home or business’s biggest water worries, like hard water, high iron water, acid water, bad tasting water and smelly water. They can also address dangerous water contaminants often found around Culligan of Mansfield, such as chromium, nitrates, arsenic and radium at levels that exceed guidelines set by the Environmental Working Group.

Contact Culligan of Mansfield if you want to talk about water softeners, whole home water filters, RO drinking water systems, bottleless coolers or bottled water coolers, or to sign up for a free basic water test to find out what contaminants may be lurking in your water.

Hard water can wreak havoc on just about everything it touches. It leaves behind mineral deposits on your plumbing fixtures and pipes. It causes dry hair, itchy skin, dull laundry, spotty dishes and decreased appliance efficiency.

Water hardness is typically measured in grains of hardness per gallon, or GPG. The area around Culligan of Mansfield is considered slightly to moderately hard at 3 - 7 grains per gallon.

Fortunately, Culligan of Mansfield’s industry-leading water softening and filtration solutions can help. Contact your local Culligan water expert today for a free basic water test!

As a current Culligan of Mansfield customer, you can pay your bill online using our Online Bill Pay.

Everyone deserves high-quality water for their home or office, which is why Culligan of Mansfield regularly offers specials and discounts on products and services. Be sure to check out these limited-time offers.

Culligan of Mansfield makes cleaner, better water affordable for everyone with options to buy, rent or finance your water treatment equipment. Contact your local water expert for more information.

Yes! Visit Culligan of Mansfield’s contact page to request a service appointment, receive a quote on any of our water softening, water filtration or drinking water products or inquire about bottled water or softener salt delivery.